• About ME

    Welcome to my website!

    My name is Tu Ni, and I was born in Hangzhou, China, 1994.


    I graduated at Hangzhou No.2 High School and after that, I spent my undergraduate life at Zhejiang University with a major of Mathematics. I hold a Master of Engineering degree at University of California, Berkeley with a concentration on Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. Moreover, I have worked in SF Express as a machine learning & operations research engineer for one year.


    I am a Ph.D. candidate in Operations Research at National University of Singapore Business School. I'd like to develop mathematical models and algorithms for problems in logistics, supply chain and resource optimization. I am also interested in general artificial intelligence topics including machine learning/deep learning/reinforcement learning, natural language processing etc.

  • Experiences

    S.F. Technology

    Aug 2017 - July 2018

    Machine Learning & Operations Research Engineer

    • Department Mentor: Dr. Zhixin Liu
    • Engineering Mentor: Mr. Lei Gao
    • Research Mentor: Dr. Wuhua Hu
  • Education

    National University of Singapore

    2018 - 2022

    Ph.D. in Operations Research

    University of California, Berkeley

    2016 - 2017

    M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

    • Capstone Advisor: Prof. Lee Fleming
    • Research Advisor: Prof. Dawn Song

    Zhejiang University

    2012 - 2016

    B.S. in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

    • Research Advisor: Prof. Jianxin Zhu
    • Modeling Advisor: Prof. Zhiyi Tan
  • Projects

    A selection of editorials I've worked on (I'm working on)

    Service Network Design in Logistics

    Design efficient business and mathematical models for intra-city day-delivery-service, with methodology including integer programming, dynamic programming, heuristic algorithms and reinforcement learning.

    Neural Code Completion

    To be published

    Machine Learning for Patent Litigation

    To be published

  • Personal interests

    Things I've picked up over the years


    I am a crazy sports fan with diverse interests including basketball, soccer, football, badminton, tennis, swimming, ping pang etc.


    • I was the member of primary school basketball team as PG.
    • I was the captain of high school soccer team as GK.
    • I was the coach of my soccer team in university.



    • Korea
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • UAE

    North America

    • USA 
    • Canada 


    • Germany
    • Netherland
    • France 
    • Belgium 
    • UK
  • Connections to my friends

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    The Head of Business Analytics and Strategies, SF Express

    Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Gatech


    Wuhua(Wallace) Hu

    The Head of Optimization at Department of Artificial Intelligence, SF Express

    Ph.D. in Communication Engineering at NanYang Technology University


    Quanlai Li

    Software Engineer, Uber

    M.S. in Computer Science at UC Berkeley


    Han Qi

    Software Engineer, Google

    M.S. in Computer Science at UC Berkeley


    Sijia(Scarlett) Teng

    M.S. in Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley


  • Contact me

    Welcome for communication and cooperation!

    Email: nitu[at]u.nus.edu

    Phone: +65 8485 7278

    Address: Institute of Operations Research & Analytics, Innovation 4.0, National University of Singapore